Phishing Attack Prevention: How to Identify & Avoid Phishing Scams

What is a phishing attack?

Hackers may send persuasive emails, text messages, or phone calls to the targeted victim to steal confidential information like login credentials, bank account details, or credit card details. Most phishing attacks are carried out via an email which seems to be from a legitimate sender. In this cyberattack, attackers use social engineering tactics to create a sense of urgency to lure an individual to click the malicious link, which may download malware that enables them to hack the user’s system and network.

Learn how Log360 helps you steer clear of cyberattacks

Threat intelligence

Detect phishing attacks with advanced threat analytics

Log360 helps you detect and stop phishing attacks with:

Log360’s threat intelligence module holds access to threat information from international threat feeds like STIX, TAXII, and AlienVault OTX. Receive a prompt alert if a malicious IP source interacts with your network, and automatically assign it to your organization’s security team. The solution provides better visibility into security data to help you swiftly resolve critical events, thereby thwarting security breaches.

Rule-based correlation engine

Log360’s rule-based correlation engine identifies suspicious event patterns in your network logs, like suspicious software installations, by correlating various events to address threats. Log360 triggers an alert based on the workflow related to event logs and automatically assigns a ticket to a security admin.


Leverage ML-based user entity and behavior analytics (UEBA). to spot malicious intruders. Log360 performs user behavior profiling based on time, event pattern, and number of events triggered to accurately spot anomalies. Instant alerts are sent to the security team for further investigation.

Mitigate phishing attacks with automated incident response

Log360’s automated incident response helps you alleviate phishing attacks with:

Security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR)

Log360 monitors all incoming traffic based on IP address, source, destination, and port to detect a compromised system. When suspicious activity is detected, the solution’s SOAR capability automatically executes workflow profiles and assigns tickets to security admins to quickly remediate a phishing attack.

Get instant alerts when a critical event occurs

Log360’s threat intelligence console has threat feeds that are constantly updated with all the blocklisted, malicious IPs and URLs around the globe. Log360 categorizes alerts based on the severity as Attention, Trouble, or Critical. Once the alert is triggered, a detailed correlation report is sent to the IT admin so they can investigate an issue promptly.

Automated incident response workflow

Log360 provides an intuitive incident management console to help you prioritize and keep track of all security incidents. The solution lets you define a set of actions to be triggered based on the type of security incident when an alert is raised. You can also automate responsive actions, like shutting down compromised devices or disabling USB ports.

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