What Is Systemantech Service Desk Plus & Why Do We Need It?

Small and large-scale corporations with an in-house IT department often struggle with the long queue of users waiting for their technical issues to be addressed.

Systemantech is a comprehensive ITSM tool that helps companies (of all sizes) in running their IT operations smoothly. It assists your IT team in detecting and troubleshooting technical issues before they disrupt your workflow or pose any security threat to your organization.

In addition to technical functions, the software consolidates your contracts, purchases, sale management, security policies, and ITIL practices into a single, robust dashboard. This offers outsourced help desk a clear picture of all organizational assets and operations in a single location.

Let’s discover some notable features of ManageEngine Service Desk Plus and how these services can help boost your company’s efficiency.

Systemantech Service Desk Plus Features and Uses

Service Desk Plus can be installed on-premises or in the cloud. Or, you can choose a hybrid model that combines hardware and software services, allowing seamless IT management.

The company has introduced remote monitoring and management function. The software has an excellent integration capability, making it a third-party-app-friendly product.

The competitive pricing model and access to an extensive range of features make Systemantech company’s ideal choice for IT management. However, an upgrade to the Enterprise version is needed if you want access to project management features.

1. Incident Management

Service Desk Plus automates ticket management for the IT help desk and the end user. Users can raise their tickets through emails, websites, and calls.

The queries or user concerns are automatically converted into tickets, which are then assigned to the IT professionals based on their expertise and availability.

The automated ticket assignment ensures that all user concerns are addressed in a timely fashion. The system follows a flexible issue escalation model, transferring unaddressed or complex tickets to top-tier technicians.

The Incident Management module comes with an automated notification function that sends an auto-generated notification about the current status of their tickets.

2. Problem Management

Problem Management refers to the solution that handles the lifecycle of all IT-related problems, including those that might crop up in the future. Effective problem management can improve your first-time fix rate and reduce incident volume.

Service Desk Plus’s problem management module proactively resolves technical issues before the user reports them. This minimizes the impact of the technical problem on the routine workflow.

Each problem can be categorized into low, medium, or high-priority issues and is addressed accordingly. You can also check details, like who raised the problem, who’s assigned the ticket, its urgency, impact on the business, site, status, closed date, and assets involved.

3. Asset Management

Track your hardware and software assets on a centralized dashboard. The tool offers multiple scanning methods, allowing you to import all organizational assets effortlessly.

The seamless integration capabilities of ManageEngine enable users to link their assets to Incident Management, Change Management, and other modules.

Using the automated scanning tool, you can discover all assets within the organization and get details of each listed in an easy-to-read format. The software shows the asset ownership, license, latest updates, and status.

Tracking IT and non-IT assets with their license details and usage on a single screen will streamline asset management.

4. Project Management

IT help desk service providers need a project management tool to keep tabs on the active, resolved, and in-progress projects.

With Systemantech Service Desk, you don’t need separate project management software. It has a Project Management module that lists your current IT projects in one place.

You can set milestones for these projects, assign them to skilled technicians, track their progress, and communicate their status to the end user from a single dashboard. It promotes seamless collaboration between departments.

Now, you can get a quick overview of each pending project with details like budget, timeline, requirements, etc.

5. Change Management

Improve your IT operations with a change management program that facilitates seamless, quick, and efficient implementation of changes at different stages of the project’s lifecycle.

Systemantech offers a Change Management module that shows the impact of change implementation on your business. Schedule these changes to be deployed automatically based on their priority and approval.

Evaluate change metrics to improve the change management process and maximize its efficiency. Conduct a review after change implementation to ensure everything is deployed as required and there are no technical glitches in your system.

6. Self-Service Portal

The self-service portal is the knowledge base that reduces your workload and provides users with an easy-to-use system that resolves their basic issues without a technician’s help.

The knowledge base consists of FAQs, useful articles, and guides and allows users to browse these articles from specific categories. It boosts user confidence, as they can get answers to their general queries and steps to fix small issues on their own.

You can integrate the IT service catalog—the detailed list of IT services you offer—into the self-service portal to enable users to choose the help they need. Based on their chosen concern, the software assigns their ticket to a technician specializing in the mentioned area.

7. Live Chat Support

For extremely urgent issues, you can use Systemantech’ s live chat system to connect users with an online technician.

The auto-response sends a welcome message to each user and comes in handy when there’s no technician available to address user concerns.

The auto-response keeps the user informed about their ticket status.

Tickets can be generated from live chats and emails. If a user gets in touch with your help desk service provider, they get options to create a ticket, close chat and keep tabs on the conversation.

Bottom Line

Available in more than 23 languages and used by thousands of small, mid-sized, and large corporations worldwide, Systemantech has become users’ go-to IT management platform for a streamlined workflow.

This feature-packed IT management software combines your IT operations on a single dashboard. It has a neat user interface and excellent navigation, all of which make it the best tool for IT help desks.

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